Dubai Safari Park Packages

Dubai Safari Park offers a range of packages to suit the needs and preferences of visitors. The basic entry package provides access to the park's attractions, including animal exhibits, live shows, and rides. Visitors can also opt for additional experiences at Safari Park such as the Safari Journey, a guided tour of the park's wildlife habitats, or the Behind the Scenes tour, which provides a glimpse into the park's animal care and management practices. Other packages include VIP tours, private safaris, and photography tours. For families, there are special packages that include activities and experiences tailored for children. The park also offers dining packages that include meals and refreshments. Overall, Dubai Safari Park packages provide a range of options for visitors to enjoy the park's attractions and get the most out of their visit.

Dubai Safari Park
King of Safari

Safari Park Dubai offers a luxury package for those who wish to enjoy an exclusive and personalized experience. The package includes a chauffeur-driven vehicle and a personal guide who will provide you with interesting facts about the animal collection. You will also have priority access to all facilities and exhibits, as well as reserved seats at all bird shows. Therefore, this package provides a special treatment which will make you feel like ‘King’ and enhance your overall experience at the park.

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dubai safari park dining
Dine in the Wild

Dubai Safari Park offers a unique dining experience where visitors can enjoy their favorite meal in the company of exotic animals. This package provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity to dine with a giraffe or a white tiger, allowing visitors to interact with the animals up close while enjoying a delicious meal. The dining experience takes place in a specially designed platform that offers panoramic views of the park's animal exhibits.

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Dubai Safari Park
Behind the Scene

Dubai Safari Park offers an exclusive behind-the-scenes experience for visitors who want to learn about the park's animal care and management practices. This package provides a rare opportunity to meet the animal caretakers and learn about the special care given to the park's animal collection. Visitors will also have the chance to feed the elephants or giraffes and brush the white rhinoceros, providing a hands-on experience with the animals. The package includes a guided tour of the park's back-of-house facilities, where visitors can observe the daily operations and learn about the park's conservation efforts. This package is perfect for animal lovers who want to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the animals and their care.

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Dubai Safari Park
Jungle Capture

Dubai Safari Park offers an exclusive package for photography enthusiasts who want to capture once-in-a-lifetime animal photos. This package provides a private bus for up to 3 hours, along with a knowledgeable guide who will assist visitors in capturing stunning animal photographs. The guide will share tips and tricks to help visitors get the best shots of the park's animal collection. Additionally, the package includes a guided tour of the park's animal exhibits, allowing visitors to learn about the animals and their behavior. This package is perfect for those who want to take their photography skills to the next level and capture unforgettable memories of their visit to the park.

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Dubai Safari Park Ticket Options

Dubai Safari Park
Day Pass

Day Pass of Dubai Safari Park ticket offers an immersive walking tour through Al Wadi, taking visitors on a journey through African, Asian, and Explorer villages to witness the animals up close and learn about their habitats and behaviors. Along with the walking tour, visitors can enjoy a thrilling 10-minute shuttle tour through the Arabian Desert Safari, live shows, and a Kids Farm where children can interact with domestic animals. If You book the Day Pass+ package, it will provide access to all of the park's attractions and priority access, allowing visitors to make the most of their experience. Additionally, visitors can enjoy a delicious meal at one of the park's many restaurants or cafes, catering to a variety of cuisines. The Day Pass+ is ideal for families or groups looking to enjoy a full day of adventure and entertainment.

Dubai Safari Park
Safari Journey

Dubai Safari Park offers a unique transported tour through Al Wadi that takes visitors through the African, Asian, and Explorer villages. The tour includes a train service, a 35-minute guided bus tour called Safari Journey, and a thrilling 10-minute ride through the Arabian Desert Safari on an electrical vehicle. Visitors can also enjoy live shows and interact with domestic animals at the Kids Farm. This comprehensive package offers a fun-filled day for families and groups, with a range of attractions to choose from.

With Safari Journey experience the full range of attractions at Dubai Safari Park with a transported tour to the African, Asian, and Explorer villages, along with reserved seats at the park's live shows.

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