Things to Do at Dubai Safari Park

There are a plethora of things to do at Dubai Safari Park, one of the largest and most diverse wildlife parks in the Middle East. It is a perfect place to plan a family day out, as there is a special kids zone in the park where your kids can play and feed farm animals. Explore the four different themed villages, such as Asian, African, Arabian and more, as you admire the numerous animals from around the world. You can even learn about their origin and natural behavior, which makes it more interesting to visit this beautiful Safari Park in Dubai. Furthermore, you can also attend various live shows and see animals performing different stunts and performances under the supervision of trained professionals. View the famous bird show at the Asian Village theatre or pet small farm animals at the Kids Farm, Dubai Safari Park is there for all. Make sure to dine in the in-house restaurants which offer both local and international dishes. Try local street food from kiosks or taste Italian cuisine at one of the amazing restaurants, which makes it one of the best activities to do in Dubai Safari Park.

Dubai Safari Park
Go on the Safari Adventure

One of the must things to do at Dubai Safari Park is go on the two safari experiences present in the park. Start with Arabian desert safari, where you will drive-through Arabian peninsulas of the park and can spot animals such as Arabian Oryx, Addax, and Arabian gazelle. Moving forward, get ready to catch sight of various African and Asian animals such as tigers, zebras, lions and rhinos, via Safari Village drive-through, one of the main activities of the Safari Park.

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Dubai Safari Park
Dine with Animals

There are various restaurants present in the park’s premises and is located in the Al Wadi zone of the park. Here you can indulge in different types of cuisines from Italian to American, which makes it a perfect place to spend an afternoon lunch with your families. While eating you can enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the park and interact with ducks floating around the small ponds. There is a special ‘Breakfast with Birds’ activity as well which may be opening soon, making it one of the best things to do at Dubai Safari Park.

Dubai Safari Park
Participate in Live Shows

Live shows are one of the most interesting things to do in Dubai Safari Park, where visitors can witness amazing displays of intelligence, agility, and acrobatic feats by a range of animals. Learn how the birds of prey contribute to our environment as you participate in the 25 minutes long bird show at the Explorers Village. All the live shows are designed in such a way that you can collect interesting facts and habits about different animals that are present in these live shows. Attend the Amazing Creature of the World show, which is a regular show that displays different aspects of animals' day to day routine. It includes walking on land, swimming underwater, and flying in the sky, which is displayed by well trained professionals who care and understand the importance of animal safety.

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Dubai Safari Park
Educational Tours

The professionally trained staff of Dubai Safari Park offers you take on an educational tour around the different zones of the park, such as Kids farm and Asian Village. Learn about the origin of various animals which have been preserved here from different parts of the world. You can collect information about animals' habitats, their behaviour during different situations and various interesting facts about their scientific names. You can also learn about animal conservation and why each of them is important for a perfectly functioning ecosystem.

Dubai Safari Park
Encounters with Animals

Dubai Safari Park is home to around 3,000 animals which makes this activity more exciting. As you explore the park you can encounter various animals such as gorillas, chimpanzees, giraffes, and elephants. Learn various interesting facts about their habitat as you encounter them from the park’s trainers. Children can also pet some of the farm animals such as ponies, sheeps, ducks, donkeys, and different bird species. During your encounter make sure you follow the instructions given by the trainers for a safe experience.

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Dubai Safari Park
Explore Themed Villages

One of the best things to do at Dubai Safari Park is to explore four main themed villages, including Asian, African, Arabian and Explore villages. Admire around 3000 animal species from around the world as you explore these themed villages. See a close copy of different habitats of the animals living here, such as in Arabian village, you can experience a drive-through safari in a space which looks like Arabian peninsula. You can also experience different activities in each of these villages from visiting cheetah viewing galleries to bird feeding, which makes your experience more memorable and fun. 

Take Feeding Sessions
Take Feeding Sessions

One of the most interactive activities at Dubai Safari Park is taking various feeding sessions in different zones of the park. Help Giraffes eat their lunch as you feed them with your own hands in a safe environment with love and respect. For kids the park has specially designed a more safe feeding session at the Kids Farm zone, where young ones can feed the farm animals including birds, goats, and donkeys. This is one of the most famous activities in the park which makes your trip to Safari Park more memorable.

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Dubai Safari Park
Enjoy Pony Walking

Your kids can enjoy a fun pony walking experience at the Kids Farm area of the Dubai Safari Park, where under the supervision of the trainers your younger ones ride a pony in a safe environment. This activity usually takes place during the morning 10 am and late afternoon around 4.15 pm. 

Dubai Safari Park
Go for Souvenir Shopping

After exploring the amazing Safari Park, take a small token of love from the park’s souvenir shops with you. Choose between items such as toys, apparels, plush animals, gifts, and souvenir products for your kids. Buy from two different shops named Zwadi and Soko located in African Village and main building respectively, both offering safari themed products.

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