About Dubai Safari Park

Dubai Safari Park features exotic animals, engaging exhibits, informative animal shows, and delectable food, providing everything needed for a fun-filled, entertaining, and adventurous trip. Established in December 2017, it allows you to get up close and personal with various species of animals, reptiles, birds, invertebrates, and amphibians.

The best time to visit Dubai Safari Park falls between the months of November to March, when the weather is pleasant and cool. The park has six distinct zones, including Asian, African, Arabian, Adventure Valley, and Explorer Village, each representing a different region of the world and their respective habitats. The park raises awareness and educates you about animal conservation through its several immersive experiences like feeding birds, rhinos, and elephants.

As a part of the exclusive behind-the-scenes tours, the park lets you witness how the staff members look after the animals. Additionally, it gives you the opportunity to observe some spectacular animals, such as hippos, gorillas, giraffes, and many others, from up close in their natural habitat. From the cheetah viewing gallery, where you can witness the world's fastest mammal, to the reptile area, where you can wander at a wide selection of species, the park includes a variety of intriguing displays to leave you awe-struck.

Many captivating live shows such as the Amazing Creatures of the World show and the Birds of Prey show, which are all intended to educate you about the fauna of different parts of the world are also held at Dubai Safari Park. There is also an Al Wadi Farm and Kids Farm to relax for a while before rounding off your trip. Dubai Safari Park is a must-see for all wildlife enthusiasts as it features an animal sanctuary, a wildlife park, and an educational center all under one roof.

How to Reach Dubai Safari Park?

Dubai Safari Park

By Car:If you're wondering how to get to Dubai Safari Park most conveniently, driving to the park is your best option. It is about 27 km from Dubai City and the trip via E11 and D83 takes about 24 minutes. It is roughly 20 km from Dubai International Airport and travel time via D89 and D83 is 21 minutes. Dubai Safari Park provides free parking for around 3000 vehicles.

By Metro:The closest metro station is Rashidiya Metro Station, from where you need to take a taxi that may cost up to 40 AED. You may alternatively take a bus from here to the Dragon Mart bus stop and then take a taxi for 25 AED to the park.

By Taxi:Taking a taxi to the park's main entrance is the most convenient way to reach the park if you don't have a car. Taxis operate on controlled meters and are accessible every day of the week, 24/7. The fare of a taxi to the park from Downtown Dubai is approximately 55 AED, while from Dubai Marina, it is approximately 90 AED.

By Bus:If you are looking for how to get to Dubai Safari Park in the most cost-effective way, take bus 50 or N30 to the bus stop at Dragon Mart 2nd Terminus. Take a cab to the park from here for roughly 25 AED. The bus fare from Dubai Airport is 5-10 AED, and the fare from Dubai Downtown is 5-8 AED.

Best Time to Visit Dubai Safari Park

Since the temperature from November to March is cool enough for a comfortable exploration, the best time to visit Dubai Safari Park is during these winter months. Furthermore, this is the best time to view the wildlife roaming in their natural habitat. When it's cold, wild creatures emerge from their dens in quest of food, making them easy to spot.

Weekends are Dubai Safari Park's busiest days since they draw in the largest crowds of both locals and visitors. Therefore, schedule your vacation for a weekday if you're seeking the best time to visit Dubai Safari Park and avoid crowds. Additionally, aim to get to the park as early as you can to give yourself plenty of time to explore the villages in Dubai Safari Park, immersive experiences, live performances, and relaxing areas like the Wild Wadi and Kids Farm.

Why You Should Visit Dubai Safari Park?

Dubai Safari Park

Dubai Safari Park, which is home to over 2500 different animal species, allows you to see animals in their natural habitat and learn about their ecosystems. The park is separated into five villages: Asian, African, Explorer, Adventure, and Arabian. In each of these villages, you may see the distinctive landscape and fauna that are specific to that region. Dubai Safari Park is a must-see, especially if you're traveling with kids, as it offers a variety of engaging experiences at Dubai Safari.

Children can interact safely and up close with wildlife at Giraffe Feeding and Grand Aviary out of the many interactive sessions. Along with these encounters, numerous immersive live shows, theatrical performances, and many other activities are specially designed to enlighten you about the diverse wildlife of the world. The park also has lakes, water bodies, and artificial rocks that are air-conditioned to make the visit comfortable for visitors.

Dubai Safari Park Location and Timings

Dubai Safari Park

Location: Dubai Safari Park, 5CCW+H5 - Al Warqa 5 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates


Park Operation Hours- Morning: Monday to Sunday: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM- Evening: Monday to Sunday: 6:00 PM to 12:00 AM

Dubai Safari Park Live Show Timings- Amazing Creatures of the World: Monday to Sunday: 3:00 PM- Bird Show: Monday to Sunday: 12:00 PM- Birds of Prey: Monday to Sunday: 4:00 PM

Dubai Safari Park Animal Feeding Timings

  • Giraffe Feeding: Monday to Sunday: 10:30 AM, 12:30 PM, 2:30 PM, and 4:00 PM
  • Birds Feeding: Monday to Sunday: 12:00 PM and 3:45 PM
  • Goat Feeding: Monday to Sunday: 11:30 AM and 4:15 PM
  • Pony Walk: Monday to Sunday: 10:00 AM and 4:15 PM
  • Guinea Pigs: Monday to Sunday: 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM

Dubai Safari Park Restaurant/Food Truck Timings- F&B Outlets: Monday to Sunday: 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Dubai Safari Park Closures :Dubai Safari Park remains closed in Summer between June and August and reopens in September. The exact dates are confirmed closer to reopening.

Facilities Around Dubai Safari Park

  • Lockers: The park does not offer locker facilities. On request, the staff at the entry will ensure that your possessions are kept secure while you are inside the park.

  • Prayer Rooms: The Main Building, the Explorer Village, the Asian Village, and the African Village all have prayer rooms. You can easily access these rooms by asking for directions from the on-site staff.

  • Free Wi-Fi:Wi-Fi is available for free while you're at the park. You will get the Wi-Fi network's name and password at the entry.

  • First Aid: During the park's operating hours, a staff of paramedics is on hand to help you with any wounds or emergencies.

  • Lost & Found: If you lose something at the park, you can ask a member of staff or someone in the main building for assistance.

  • Baby Restrooms: Baby restrooms are available in each of the park's villages.

  • Souvenir Photographs: Professional photographers are present on-site who will capture wonderful images while you engage with the animals. Later, you can take these pictures from the Souvenir Photos counter in the main building.

  • Information Kiosk: The employees at the entry are there to aid you with advice, direction, or information if you need it.

  • Kids Ride: At the African Village and the Explorer Village, you may rent out miniature cars for your kids to ride in.

Rules & Regulations to Follow at Dubai Safari Park

Dubai Safari Park
  • The park advises guests to dress comfortably and modestly. You must wear clothes that cover your knees and shoulders.
  • Respect for the animals and park rules is expected of visitors. You are not allowed to tease the animals and you can feed only when you are on the feeding grounds.
  • Avoid leaving behind trash.
  • The park prohibits the use of skateboards, bicycles, rollerblades, and scooters.
  • It is not permitted to use balls, balloons, toy guns, or flash photography since they might stress the animals.
  • Only in the specified smoking places is smoking allowed.
  • The park does not allow outside food or drinks. Several restaurants and cafes are located within the premises, offering a variety of quick bites and full meals.

  • Alcohol is absolutely forbidden.

  • No pet animals are allowed inside the park.

  • Drones are not permitted.

  • Minors must always be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

  • Always follow the directions of the staff and avoid banned areas for your own safety.

  • Keep a social distance of at least 2 meters between yourself and other visitors throughout the facility for your own and others' safety.

  • Mandatory temperature checks are performed before entering the park.

  • Guests need to wear masks throughout the park and will be given hand sanitizers upon arrival.

Dubai Safari Park Tips

  • You should reserve your tickets online in advance because some packages, like Super Taxi or train service, are only available online.
  • To explore the park at ease, carry a map copy with you.

  • Bring water bottles with you to stay hydrated while exploring the park.

  • Since there is a lot of walking involved in exploring the park, wear comfortable clothing and footwear.

  • Apply sunscreen and carry sunglasses, a hat or scarf, and an umbrella for protection from the sun.

  • There are no ATMs inside the park, so ensure you have enough UAE dirhams on hand.

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