Dubai Safari Park

Restaurants at Dubai Safari Park

It has four exquisite restaurants where you can dine and unwind with your friends and family
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Restaurants at Dubai Safari Park

La Marquise.jpg
La Marquise

Set at the grand entrance, La Marquise is one of the main restaurants in Dubai Safari Park where you can savor a delicious variety of continental and Arabic cuisine. It's a Lebanese restaurant which serves some of the best Shawarma and Mezza in town. Through its unique buffets and traditional Middle Eastern delicacies this restaurant gives you a chance to savor a delightful taste of genuine Lebanese cuisine in Dubai. Make sure you visit this restaurant with your friends and family and enjoy the delicious food as well as the cozy ambiance of this place.

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Bait Al Qadeem.jpg
Bait Al Qadeem

Located closer to the Chimpanzee shop, Bait Al Qadeem is among the best restaurants in Dubai Safari Park. The restaurant is globally recognized for providing a unique cultural and historical theme presented via scrumptious cuisine and ambiance. Bait Al Qadeem also offers a wide range of well-known Persian cuisines along with a variety of regional and Arabic delicacies. Their menu is a representation of the various ethnicities that have co-existed in Dubai throughout the course of long-standing business, traditional, and cultural links.

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As the name implies, Oregano is a casual Italian restaurant with elegant rustic furnishings and an open-air atmosphere for dining. Oregano, one of the must-visit restaurants in Dubai Safari Park, is nestled in African Village Plaza. This place offers you a fantastic fusion of customized care and a familial setting. Providing comfort food in a setting influenced by authentic Ligurian cuisine, Oregano is the ideal location for unwinding and enjoying a meal outdoors. While you are here, make sure you try their appetizing Bruschetta Pomodori, Vesuvio, Salt & Pepper Calamari, Spaghetti Positano, and the most ordered Nonna's Special, along with their special soups.

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Local House.jpg
Local House

The rich customs passed down through the ages from one era to the next served as the inspiration for Local House, which is close to Explorer Village. In keeping with its Mediterranean heritage, Local House prepares you to savor authentic Mediterranean cuisine. The restaurant also provides you with an atmosphere that stays loyal to the recollections of the area and aromas that reflect the legacy of the nation. Furthermore, Local House is not only modest and serene, but one of the very few restaurants in Dubai Safari Park serving authentic Arab Camel meat dishes.

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Know Before You Go For Dubai Safari Park

Checkout the essential information before plan your visit to Dubai Safari Park.

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How to Reach
Essential Information

By Car: Driving is the fastest and easiest method to reach the Dubai Safari Park. You may simply get there by entering Dubai Safari Park as your destination.

By Taxi: Taxis in Dubai operate on regulated metering and are accessible around-the-clock. From Downtown Dubai, cabs cost about 55 AED, and from Dubai Marina, they cost about 90 AED.

By Bus: Taking the bus (Bus No. 50 or N30) will get you further to the Dragon Mart 2nd Terminus and is the most affordable way to go to Dubai Safari Park. To go to the park, you can take a cab for about 25 AED.

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Dubai Safari Park Rules

Here are some rules for your trip guide.

  • Be as cautious as possible and maintain a social distance of at least 2 meters from other park visitors.
  • Respect for the park's infrastructure is expected from all and littering of any form is prohibited.
  • Respecting animals is utterly important. If anyone is caught in the act of animal teasing they can be asked to leave the premises immediately.
  • Scooters, skateboards, bicycles, and roller skates are not permitted inside the safari park as these items could be annoying and endangering other visitors.
  • If you feel the need to smoke, there are authorized smoking sites throughout the park.
  • Bringing in alcohol, food, and other beverages with you is strictly prohibited in the park.
  • You are also not allowed to bring pets and drones inside the park.

FAQ Related To Dubai Safari Parks

What is the best time to visit Dubai Safari Park?

The best time to visit Dubai Safari Park is from November through March, the weather is cool enough for you to explore the park with ease. Additionally, this is the perfect time to witness the wildlife as their movement is much better in this season.

What are the accessibilities provided inside Dubai Safari Park?

Dubai Safari Park offers amenities like wheelchair accessible restrooms, baby changing areas, and an informational kiosk, the park also has free wifi, restaurants, first aid stations, and many other amenities.

What are the dressing tips to keep in mind while visiting the Dubai Safari Park?

Make sure you put on relaxed and modest clothing in which your shoulders and knees are covered. Wear comfortable shoes or any other footwear that you’re comfortable in while walking. To shield your skin from the sun, don’t forget to use sunscreen, and to carry sunglasses and caps. Throughout your visit, stay hydrated by consuming plenty of water and other liquids.

What kind of experience we can have at Dubai Safari Park ?

There are various experience that you can have like Jungle Capture, Safari Journey etc.

How long is the Dubai Safari Tour for?

You need at least 4-5 hours, or nearly half a day, to visit every settlement. Therefore, we advise that you allot at least one whole day to this park so that you can conveniently explore everything that it offers.

Is it suitable for young children to visit Dubai Safari Park?

Yes, Dubai Safari Park is suitable for kids as it offers plenty of playgrounds, swings and other activities to them. Kids can enjoy the day exploring farm animals like chickens, goats, lambs, and cows at the kids farm, which is designed specifically for young visitors. The kids can enjoy a day of recreation while getting to know nature, riding ponies, and learning how to milk cows.

Are there any regions where I can relax at Dubai Safari Park?

If you want to relax at Dubai Safari Park after your excursion, then the Al Wadi Farm is the best place to be. The restaurants in Dubai Safari Park also offer amazing ambiance and scrumptious food that lets you stay and unwind. As for the kids, the best place to relax and engage in exciting activities is the Kids Farm.

Is there any guide available at Dubai Safari Park?

You can ask any of the employees at Dubai Safari Park to help you with the navigation of the park as you plan your excursion. To make sure you always know where you are, keep the Dubai Safari Park Map in your hands.

What is the top dine in place found to be at Dubai Safari Park?

Dubai Safari Park houses four exquisite restaurants where you can dine and unwind with your friends and family:

La Marquise: A Lebanese restaurant with a delectable selection of continental and Arabic cuisine, including some of the best Shawarma and Mezza. The park's main entrance is where you can find this eatery.

Local House: The Local House, which is close to the Explorer Village, draws its inspiration from the rich traditions that have been passed down over the years from one era to the next. It is well known for serving real meat from camels.

Oregano: Oregano is a casual dining Italian restaurant, prominent for serving true Italian delicacies surrounding a family-friendly ambiance. The restaurant can be located in African Village Plaza

What all Souvenir Shops are present at Dubai Safari Park?

The two gift shops at Dubai Safari Park are Zwadi in the African Village and Soko in the main building. A variety of souvenirs are available in each themed souvenir shop that you can purchase to cherish your trip to the park. They have a variety of goods, including toys, stuffed animals, clothes, gifts, and trinkets.

Things to do at Dubai Safari Park